«TEC " MIG " - forwarding company full cycle.
«TEC " MIG " provides services in the field of international transport service with all the countries of Southeast Asia . The composition of our team consists of the best agents and freight forwarders located in all major ports and cities in China , Korea, Japan , Thailand and Vietnam . We provide a full range of transport and logistics procurement of foreign economic activity . We provide services : find plants / factories , transport logistics and customs clearance of goods in the territory of the Russian Federation. The secret of our success is simple - it is the experience gained in the practical actions that we are improving day by day .

В целях обеспечения уверенности клиентов мы осуществляем постоянный мониторинг рынка страховых услуг.
INTERNATIONAL transportation.
- Definition of HS codes, reliable payment of customs duties. - Drafting of foreign trade contracts.